18th February 2019

CORNFLAKE & SALTED CARAMEL BROWNIES went down a storm this morning on the market stall.

Having received so many messages last night for these to be an option for postal delivery – I have included these amazing brownies on my online shop.

They are now available in your weekly mixed box too!

Cardigan Bay Brownie’s new home in the next couple of weeks will be our new shop – we have decided to call it ‘Pantri,’ a name which is reminiscent of my wonderful childhood, when I’d love rummaging through my grandmother’s Pantry – full of home-baked goodies.

It’s an exciting time for us this month, which will bring massive changes for the business.

As we will be in Cardigan on the High Street – a prime location –  you won/t be able to miss us!

Very exciting and very scary at the same time.

It will be wonderful ‘going to work’ and then coming ‘home.’

Work / life balance is a must – one which you must try and resolve and work out to be the best to suit your situation.  Having a shop to go to work in is mine.  After nearly three years of travelling around the country doing market stalls ( and I’m not getting any younger!), now is the time to progress and take on a shop.

We are looking forward to sharing our new venture with you as soon as we get started in there, so keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks for taking time to visit our website, and taking an interest in what we do.

Diolch am eich cefnogaeth!

Thank you for your support!



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