Welcome to Cardigan Bay Brownies...

Welcome to Cardigan Bay Brownies, a homemade brownie company baking its way to success on the breathtaking coast of West Wales. From the original chocolatey, gooey decadence of the Original Cardigan Bay Brownie, to the Halen Mon sea salted caramel and the sweet, fruity tang of the Chocorange, we have the best chocolate brownies in a selection of tasty treats for every sweet tooth.

I’m Nerys, and I bake my brownies from scratch from my new shop 'Pantri' in the beautiful market town of Cardigan, Ceredigion. All my brownies are handmade, and are taste tested by my two sons who are my chief tasters – I get plenty of good and honest feedback when I stumble across a new and exciting flavour.

I began baking brownies in 2011 for family and friends. Soon, every time I visited people, I was told “Don’t forget to bring the brownies”. This is when I knew I had struck upon something really special – I was producing the best chocolate brownies in the area.

Cardigan Bay Brownies was born.

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