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Working In Chocolate Heaven!

Imogen Davies has worked at Cardigan Bay Brownies for some time, here’s her insider knowledge on the best brownie shop in the West!

Q. How long have you been working with Cardigan Bay Brownies?

A. Four years full time

Q. What’s the best thing about working in CBB’s shop on Cardigan High Street?

A. I love seeing our customers enjoying our sweet treats and their reaction when they see our display. It’s a really happy environment to work in and my boss is always happy and helpful.
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Q. What is your favourite brownie and blondie?

A. Brownie – Kinderella with LOADS of Nutella!
Blondie – Mallow & Caramel – it’s so light and fluffy I am always up for one of these!

Q. What’s the most popular brownie flavour at the moment?

A. Rolo Brownies, customers can’t get enough of them – delicious!

Q. What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

A. Christmas flavours and what to include in our ‘Christmas Treat Box’ – I love it when the shop begins to get festive and Cardigan High Street has the Christmas lights on.

Q. How has the Pandemic affected business in your opinion.

A. The Pandemic affected us at the beginning back in March, as we had to close everything down which included our online shop. But then with lots of enquiries flooding in, it hasn’t really slowed down since that! I had to be furloughed for 5 weeks, but luckily there was a great deal of online demand and I came back to work, ready to help bake, pack and post!

Just for fun...

Q. Have you got a pet Imogen?

A. Yes, I have a golden lab called Esme and she is my furbaby. She is like my shadow and we go walking most evenings, she loves the smell of the brownies – but she’s not allowed to eat them… I need to persuade Nerys to make a pet-friendly brownie!

Q. What’s your favourite recipe?

A. My favourite thing to eat from Cardigan Bay Brownies is the Nutella Cookiecup. I heat it up for about 25 seconds and eat…. sometimes with ice cream on the top – Just amazing!

Q. Pineapple Pizza - Yay or Nay

A. Yay

Q. The strangest meal you have ever eaten?

A. Cow’s tongue. Never again, I know some people like the texture and flavour but I didn’t!

Q. Which fictional family would you like to be a part of?

A. The Vampire Diary family – Steffan and Damon’s sister.

our online shop has grown!

Fabulous Flavours Online

Since re-opening our doors to our chocolate heaven in Cardigan high street, we’ve had so much support from our loyal regulars. All have been buying our treats and goodies both instore and online to send to relatives and friends in other parts of the UK. We’ve now increased our online shop to include more of your favourite flavours, from our best selling Sea Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownie to our Rolo Cookie Cups. You’ll now find more delicious flavours to order, direct to your doorstep!